About the Brand

Read here to learn all things about Colors of the Earth, inspired by the humans, hearts and hues of the world


Colors of the Earth began as a far flung idea and turned into a dream come true! Started during the Covid pandemic we have grown and are growing into a marketplace to support remarkable makers from Africa and Central Asia and, soon to be, the whole world!

We're a one-woman show who collaborates with a diverse range of craftsman, women empowerment groups and other small businesses who are equally passionate about honoring traditions, making with bare hands, tending to local communities, and pouring love into their workmanship. The kind of people that feel like salt-of-the-Earth, with stories to tell, families to feed and dreams to embody through every print, weave and stitch. Our processes are slow, our products are special and our people are hella cool. We hope that with every piece made, purchased and adored, you will be able to spark your own joy, create your own story and tint your own life with the colors of the Earth. 

We're a multicultural artisanal store that bridges the elusive gap between consumer and craftspeople - humans and heart - through the sourcing, designing, slow-making and selling of 100% unique, fairtrade and dare we say, cool  goods made with loving hands.

Sustainability, fairtrade, education, fun, inclusivity, & authenticity



To create a multicultural marketplace and experience that offers one-of-a-kind, slow-made, fairtrade goods crafted by the coolest artisans on Earth; bringing individuality & a rainbow-range of color into your everyday life


To empower the skills, craft & livelihoods of tradition-inspired makers from faraway places by giving their creations a space to be seen & supported by the world; while also teaching people about the personal stories, dreams, backgrounds, homelands & cultural roots behind every colorful stitch

Hi! My name is Kirra, I am a 27-year old traveler, creator, textile-lover and the middle-woman between you and the beautiful craftspeople of Colors of the Earth.


While I'm originally from Long Island, Uganda is where I've called home for the past four years. A culturally-rich, summer-hot, people-friendly place that not only welcomed me in but also radically changed the course of my life.

But that is not where the idea of Colors of the Earth was first born. The initial spark ignited years prior, when I was 15-years-old traveling Thailand. If you've ever visited there, you will know the awe-stricken sensation of color, textile and culture overwhelm. It's a wonderland for all things bright and bold. And just like that, my love affair for fabrics, color and tradition came alive. Fast forward to the infamous global pandemic in 2020, I became serendipitously stuck in Uganda and have never left since. 


Blending my passion for anthropology, travel and textiles, I decided to create an all-inclusive, multicultural and artisanal store that not only supports the skills, craft and livelihoods of international makers, but also educates the western world on the ins and outs of the countries, cultures, stories and faces behind every piece purchased. Since the world is becoming so interconnected with technology, I have found it increasingly important to keep a relationship with the things I buy. Not only do I want other people to experience the beauty of art form around the world but I also want people to feel connected elsewhere and put a face to what they are buying. It is just as important to share the stories of the artists as it is to buy their products to support them. My biggest hope is to bridge the ever-growing gap between consumers and craftspeople and add a big, fat splash of culture and color to the lives all over the globe.


This is Arnold! He is our Uganda manager and is a vital part of our team helping the owner, Kirra, navigate our bucket hats, bomber jackets, and fanny pack production. He is the middle son of Mama Flo, who runs the women's empowerment group we work with in Eastern Uganda.