Mama Flo

Nangobi Florence, also known as Mama Flo, was born and raised in Kyabirwa, Uganda, located near Jinja. She has become a prominent figure in her community through running a guest house, making and selling crafts, and cooking the best local food around.

She has her own foundation called Gayela Children Foundation, named after her granddaughter, and a women's empowerment group where she teaches women skills, like how to sew. The women's empowerment group makes many products for the Colors of the Earth store like all the backpacks, duffel bags, and bucket hats.

If you are ever in the Jinja area, take a boda boda to Bujagali and stay with Mama Flo! Just ask anyone in the village where she lives and they will direct you. Or you can go to the Contact Us page and we will assist you.